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The Wilton Soccer Association is dedicated to providing Wilton children, their families and the community with a positive soccer experience at all skill levels that emphasizes having fun, building character through sportsmanship, coaching excellence, te

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Tryout Information


Registration for WSA Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Travel soccer tryouts is open for players born 2005 - 2010.

Please find the Schedule Below.

Players born in 2011: please register [here]

Refer to subsequent email from WSA with respect to U9 program for Fall 2019.

Program Information is also be published here. Please check back for updates.

Players born 2005 - 2010 please register [here]


  • Travel Tryout Dates: May 28 - May 31, 2019 [schedule here],
  • Deadline to register: May 24, 2019,
  • All players MUST REGISTER in advance, no walk-ups are permitted,
  • Additional details to come. 

Please contact Ryan Mims, VP Programming and Tryouts, with any questions.  

Tryout Schedule

Birth Year 2005-2010 Tryout Schedule

  Date Tues May 28 Wed May 29 Thurs May 30 Fri May 31
Field Time        
Ambler 3:00pm-4:30pm BU11 (2009) GU11 (2009) BU11 (2009) GU11 (2009)
Ambler 5:00pm-6:30pm BU10 (2010) GU10 (2010) BU10 (2010) GU10 (2010)
Comstock 5:00pm-6:30pm   GU13 (2007)   GU13 (2007)
Maderas 3:00pm-4:30pm   GU12 (2008)   GU12 (2008)
Maderas 5:00pm-6:30pm BU13 (2007) GU14 / 15 (06/05) BU13 (2007) GU14 / 15 (06/05)
Allens 3:00pm-4:30pm BU12 (2008)   BU12 (2008)  
Allens 5:00pm-6:30pm BU14 / 15 (06/05)   BU14 / 15 (06/05)  


Birth Year 2011 U9 Pre Program Assessment
  Date Tues June 4 Thurs June 6
Field Time    
Allens 4:15pm - 5:45 pm BU9 (2011) BU9 (2011)
Allens 6:00pm - 7:30pm GU9 (2011) GU9 (2011)


No Evaluations Monday, May 27th, Memorial Day

WSA’s mission is to positively influence the growth of children and our community by reinforcing values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and respect for others through a range of fun and high quality soccer experiences.

Also please ensure your player is 10-15 minutes early in order to provide ample time to register and get situated before hitting the field.  We ask that every parent be efficient at drop off and pick up in order to keep the traffic flowing as certain fields can experience congested parking.  Parents are asked to remain offsite once their player has been dropped off to ensure we have focused players on the field.!/ showSignUp/30E0A4DAEA72BA7FD0- wsatravel

Injuries and Conflicts Policy:


All players who wish to be considered for a team next year must be registered for tryouts.  


WSA strongly encourages and recommends that all players participate in both of their assigned tryout sessions, but we also understand that injuries and challenging conflicts may arise that are worthy of consideration.


If you have not done so already, please notify WSA of injury and  conflict situations for consideration by sending an email to no later than 48 hours before respective tryout date.  


Tryout Day Reminders:


All players trying out must be registered in advance. No walk ups.


Players are NOT permitted to wear t-shirts/jerseys with their first or last name or a number on them (WSA Travel game jerseys are NOT permitted and ask that your player does not wear WSA practice jerseys, warmups or other Wilton Soccer branded gear).  Thank you in advance for respecting this policy.


Players should wear soccer appropriate clothing, shin guards under soccer socks (mandatory) and cleats.  They should bring a soccer ball of the appropriate size and water.


Arrive at least 15 mins prior to the start time to check in.


Parents are not permitted to watch tryouts and should be careful driving and parking at tryout sites as they will be busy.

Evaluation and selection methodology:


Please note and understand that placement on a Travel team in past seasons does not guarantee placement in upcoming seasons on the same team or any team. While a high level of participation is one of our most important goals, unfortunately, not every player trying out can make a Travel team.  


This is an exciting time for our players and our program.  Thank you in advance for reviewing this information carefully and for all of your support of Wilton Soccer.  Please remind your players to have fun!


Please contact Ryan Mims at for any information regarding the evaluation process or any additional questions you may have.

Tryout Format 

Evaluation criteria


  • Dribbling, the ability to maintain control of the ball in various spaces
  • Passing, the ability to move the ball between teammates in various methods, i.e. short, medium, long, ground and/or in the air. 
  • Receiving, The ability to control the ball from a pass or out of the air
  • 1v1 Defending, the ability to defend individual by pressuring the ball 
  • 1V1 attacking, The ability to take a player on while in possession of the ball using directional changes, speed changes, and creativity


  • In attack, The ability to make the correct decision while in possession of the ball two best exploit space. The ability to time movement while teammates are in possession. 
  • In defense, The ability to make the decision to either pressure, cover, or be a balancing player. The ability to show patience and tenacity as necessary. 


  • Strength, using body shape, and overall physical ability to win tackles, shield the ball, maintain balance while under pressure 
  • Speed, using top speed to escape defenders or put pressure on attackers, the ability to change speed as necessary


  • Respect, being able to respect the rules of the game, opponents, teammates, coaches, referees
  • Coachability, willingness to accept instruction, focus on the task at hand
  • Tenacity/work rate, working hard and putting forth the best effort possible
  • Accountability, willingness to accept blame for mistakes, willingness to address mistakes in others in a positive and respectful manner.


Tryout Resources










Soccer Tryouts – Stress for Players…and Parents!

Soccer Tryouts.

The time of year we sometimes find ourselves lying awake in bed at night stressing over the future of our young soccer player.

The time of year we find our hearts beating in our throats as we drop our kids off to a game or practice, trying not to put too much pressure on them to perform well but wanting to make sure they know that every single touch they have on the ball, or run they make off the ball, or communication they have with the coach – could have an impact on their name being on the final roster.



Soccer Tryouts Season: Three Days of Soccer Chaos

Soccer tryouts season for most has come and gone here in the United States.

Did your child make the team they wanted?  If so, that is great!  Congratulations to them!

If not, how did they feel about the situation?  How did you feel as a parent?

I have four sons and I can honestly say that tryout season is just as stressful in our home as it may be in yours. As a coach and a father, I try and play a neutral role during these days, I never want to be that coach dad who uses his position as a way to place my boys on teams they simply do not belong, I am not doing them any favors by pushing them onto a team they are not developmentally ready for. It is especially not fair to the soccer coach or the team when a player is placed on a team that they are not developmentally or skillfully ready for.