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FAQ’s for 2010 (U8) Travel Teams

Why was this team formed this year for the first time?

As WSA looks to continue to provide enhanced programming options, the WSA often surveys local programs that compete with WSA to see what they do in their respective towns.  One item of note in Westport, Darien, Norwalk and Old Greenwich was the formation of a u8 travel team to “play up” into the lowest u9 division to better prepare players as they enter their first time in travel soccer.

Why form this team now?

Premiere programs that compete for Wilton soccer players all offer u8 programs and in order to remain competitive to those programs the WSA felt it necessary to form a team this year.

How many teams will be formed?

WSA plans on creating 1 travel team for boys and 1 for girls with 11-12 players per rosters.  This is highly dependent on skill.  If it is determined, by our paid coaching organization, that the u8 skill level is not adequate to fairly compete we will not create a team.

What if the players aren’t ready?

The WSA will only field a team the board and Soccer Extreme feel can compete at in the lowest bracket for the u9 (essentially an u8E bracket) division.  Remember, most u9 lowest division teams in other towns, like ours, are comprised of 2nd graders who aged jump and some 2010 kids who are ready for travel soccer.

What will the team composition look like?

The team will primarily composed of 2010 players but there may be the addition of a select few 2009 kids that will be 2nd graders in the fall.  This may help ease the transition of those players into travel soccer for at least a year due to age change impacts.

What if they don’t tryout or don’t make the team this year, how will it impact them next year at u9 tryouts?

Placement on an u8 team has no bearing on their placement at u9.  All team placements for u9 are 100% based on feedback from MK soccer and their scores on tryout dates.  No coaching feedback from their participation on a 2017-2018 team will be weighed in decisions for the year 2018-19.

How will it work with K-2 programming?

All players will have the option of being placed on a "Saturday" K-2 team for the fall in addition to their travel roster spot for an additional fee of $40 to cover WSA program costs.   No K-2nd grade clinic will be provided for the $40 extra cost.

How does this program work with u8/u9 CT rush?

CT Rush is a separate program from WSA.  CT Rush offers an additional training program for those who choose to participate.  It is entirely optional and is separately run from this travel program.

What does travel look like for this age group?

It is the same as every age group.  Professional coaches running 2 practices a week, games on Sunday afternoon and 3 tourneys over the course of the fall and spring season.