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The Wilton Soccer Association is dedicated to providing Wilton children, their families and the community with a positive soccer experience at all skill levels that emphasizes having fun, building character through sportsmanship, coaching excellence, te

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K-2 Soccer Developmental Clinics

Program Emphasis:
• Personal Development
• Basic Skill Development
• Motor Skill Development
• Problem Solving & Decision Making – Independent Thinkers
• Small sided team play
• Fun – Enjoyment
Player Responsibilities:
  • Bring an inflated soccer ball – no ball, no skills
  • Bring soccer shoes and shin guards – SAFETY
  • We will not let a child participate if we feel it is unsafe
  • Bring water
  • Be on time
  • Good Attitude
  • Pick up your garbage
  • Have Fun
  • Please drop off and pick up children on the field, on time
  • Parents are welcome to observe all sessions
  • Stay off training area during sessions (at least a 10-yard cushion)
  • Viewing on one side of field only (By the tree at Allen’s Meadow)
  • Please follow all parking area rules – Be very careful in parking lot!
  • For cancellations call the hotline: 203-221-2216
  • Coaches are free for questions before and after sessions - Not during sessions!
Week 1
Emphasis: Fun, decision making, teamwork, communication
Week 2
Emphasis: Throw-ins, different foot contacts
Week 3
Emphasis: Keeping ball close to you, learning to use inside/outside of foot,
Week 4
Emphasis: Turning with sole, inside & outside of foot, shielding ball
Week 5
Emphasis: Agility, running with the ball, scoring, awareness
Week 6
Emphasis: Passing, communication, scoring, awareness
Week 7
Emphasis: 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 attack and defend, scoring, awareness
Week 8
Emphasis: Fun, decision making, teamwork
Week 9
Emphasis: Decision Making
1. Small Sided Scrimmages
2. Everybody is involved and running
3. Communication – Verbal & Visual
4. Decision Making – Think-Think-Think
5. FUN
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Wilton K-2nd Grade REC SOCCER
Soccer Developmental Clinics