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World Cups and Book Talks - It’s All About the Team!
by posted 07/20/2019


World Cups and Book Talks - It’s All About the Team!

July 17, 2019
Jason Partenza
President, Wilton Soccer Association 
& the WSA Board of Volunteers

Wow, a fourth World Cup victory and a repeat champion!  An incredible feat (or “feet”?), especially when expectation and pressure to win has been building for all of the prior four years.  

WSA had a great showing at our World Cup final viewing party and would like to say thanks to the team at [@Red Rooster] for hosting.


As many are well aware, Wilton and the Wilton Soccer Association are extremely fortunate to have a direct link to the US Women’s National Team… yes, we all follow Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe on Instagram, but more close to home is our connection to Kristine Lilly [@kristinelilly], among the most accomplished US soccer players of all time. 

Kristine grew up like most from Wilton... from a great family, a regular kid [with irregular athletic abilities!] and a big dream. She turned her dream into reality through passion, dedication, teamwork and fun leading to State Championships at WHS, National Championships at UNC, World Cups and Gold Medals for USA. She is the all time leader in appearances for the US National Team, among both the men’s and women’s sides.

Her world class talent, leadership and positive,  team-first mentality were a major contributor to the spirit of all her teams, but especially the World Champion “‘99-ers” which set the standard for the Women’s National Team program that has endured and thrived ever since. 

We admire Kristine for her on field accomplishments, but equally because she is simply a great person. She is humble and kind while also incredibly driven and successful. Her messages are positive and she embraces her role model status. She comes back to her hometown often to share her time and insights (and for an ice cream cone at Scoops!).

Her summer soccer camp for the kids in Wilton is now in its 24th year.

Photo from @kristinelilly on Instagram



We were super excited to hear about her new book about teamwork, Powerhouse, at the sold out [@Wilton Library] event co-sponsored by the [@Wilton Soccer Association].  Elm Street Books still has some signed copies available or you can buy the book here! The event was filled with families listening intently as Kristine recounted stories and thoughtfully answered questions.

The book explores 13 (Kristine’s #) teamwork tactics through the acronym TEAM (Transform, Empower, Achieve, Motivate). Kristine was inspired to write the book when she realized that the teamwork tactics that propelled her teams to success on the field also apply to many other environments too. Kristine and her co-author, John Gillis, were youth soccer coaches together with their children's teams before teaming up to apply their wisdom to the book. 


In her talk, a few points hit home for us from a youth soccer perspective. Please note the below are our interpretations and applications of some of Kristine’s core messages, not her words directly or direct excerpts from her book. 

  • Be a great teammate.  Every player should always be a great teammate. Players that take responsibility to help their teammates of all levels are more valuable players.  Great teammates help their teammates in any way they can through games, practices, on the sidelines and in everyday life, especially when a teammate is having a tougher time. This team-first mentality builds trust and confidence that makes teams stronger. The best outcomes come when everyone is playing for the better of the team.

  • The team motivates the individual and the individual motivates the team. Motivation is drawn from internal drive to succeed but also by being accountable to and excited to support a team. Kristine talked of some specific motivational tactics, including some unconventional ones like visualization exercises, that she credits with some of her success over the years but required the team to embrace. Her coach and a willing and motivated team jumped into these new exercises together with an open mind knowing that it was necessary to try new things to grow and improve.  Individuals can motivate themselves and others, but they are also motivated by those around them. 

  • Support systems around teams are a critical part of the equation.  In youth soccer, program leadership can set a course, parents and coaches hopefully embrace that course and support positive messages, and players play free of stress and with exclusive focus on their (emphasis on “their”) goals. By encouraging inclusion, teamwork and cohesiveness up and down the program and at every interaction, we collectively create an enduring culture and help kids fulfill their potential on the field and beyond.  

  • Patience is a virtue and specialization is a challenge to players and teams.  This is never more evident than in the context of young, growing and inconsistent athletes. Specialization can force groups of young players and their teams to be segmented and split up very early in the development cycle, often negating much of the potential benefits that a team can in time provide. This also pushes some out of the sport early and leaves yet others who come to it later with seemingly more limited options. Staying patient and letting players grow and teams evolve is likely to yield more positive and more consistent outcomes. Allowing players to explore multiple sports and interests throughout their careers can help them learn a diverse set of skills that will ultimately help them succeed at a higher level in whatever they choose to specialize in when the time is right. 

  • Success and fun are not mutually exclusive.  To reach the highest levels of anything as an individual and within a group, it must be enjoyable. Most high achieving athletes, including Kristine Lilly, when they conclude their career, will tell you that what they will miss the most is their friends and the fun they had over the course of the journey. So if nothing else, always make sure it’s fun.  

Kristine Lilly reached the pinnacle of the soccer world by being a consummate team player.  This year’s Women’s World Cup team meshed great talent with great teamwork and won it all, again.  WSA and all our volunteers and member families are one team seeking to positively influence the growth of children and our community. We are thankful for Kristine and excited to put her messages to work in our coming seasons and for years to come. Now, back to your summer!

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Kristine Lilly on News 12

Kristine Lilly on News 12





WSA’s mission is to positively influence the growth of children and our community by reinforcing values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and respect for others through a range of fun and high quality soccer experiences. 

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Intramural Grades 3-12 | Fall 2019 | Registration Now Open!
by posted 06/27/2019


WSA Intramural Soccer!

June 2019

Intramural Soccer Aligns with our Mission 


  • Our mission to positively contribute to growth of children and the community through a range of high quality soccer experiences
  • Intramural soccer has lots of benefits - physical activity and social engagement being the top couple
  • With free play time increasingly scarce, yet universally acknowledged as high value to kids, WSA can continue to fill the need


WSA is refreshing it’s soccer options for children in 3rd grade and beyond to make it more fun and more accessible




3rd - 8th & High School Intramural Soccer


  • Fun, activity-based soccer for every player
  • 3/4th, 5/6th, 7/8th, HS age groups, all dependent on sufficient interest
  • 75-90 minute weekday skills clinic run by professional coaches 
  • Saturday morning small sided game play - 100% in town
  • Pro coaches plus HS player or parent volunteers to organize and assist
  • Game format subject to change based on enrollment 
  • No referees / coach and parent monitored
  • Single season sign up
  • Reversible jersey price (TBD) not included 

Volunteers Needed!


WSA programs depend upon dedication of volunteers to run and succeed, please consider supporting our efforts on behalf of the community

  • Program Leadership: WSA is seeking a volunteer to lead the oversight and organization of our 3rd - 8th grade program as a WSA Board member.  This volunteer will work closely with our WSA Board to ensure we deliver an amazing program. Please submit your interest to
  • Saturday volunteers
  • Parents to support coaches on game days
  • High School student volunteers to organize and oversee games in support of coaches, in some instances participate, opportunity to earn service hours




  • Deadline to register:  August 15
  • Registrations after August 15 subject to $50 late fee
  • No refunds after first practice date 
  • Register here! 


WSA’s mission is to positively influence the growth of children and our community by reinforcing values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and respect for others through a range of fun and high quality soccer experiences. 



WSA Web  |     WSA FB    |      WSA Insta      |    WSA YT     |    WSA Tw


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Pick Up Soccer
by posted 06/26/2019


Pick Up Soccer

Ages: 8-13 (boys and girls welcome)
Teams for small-sided games will be divided by age and skill level

Dates: Every Thursday 6/27-8/22
Session 1: 6/27-7/25 (4 weeks)
Session 2: 8/1-8/22 (4 weeks)
Excludes July 4; 1 makeup date per session due to weather will be added if necessary

Time: 4:00-5:15

Location: Lilly Field

Cost: $60 per session or $100 for both
Invoice will be sent via Square after registering 


Info and Register

More Summer Opportunties Here!


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Intramural Registration is Open for Fall 2019
by posted 06/17/2019


Tots/Pre-K Registration >

K-2 Registration >

TOP Soccer Registration >
Grades 3-12 >


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